"Bricks & Stones" Brick with Stone Accent

When adding a Stone accent to your brick home - Your Mortar choice can make all the difference in the look you achieve.    As a "General Rule" . . . Lighter colored stone  - use darker mortar .    Darker colored stone - use a lighter colored mortar. Choosing a lighter colored mortar will "Frame" your brick and allow the stone to stand out.    Choosing a darker or matching mortar can create a more Monochromatic color scheme.    

The photos of the Mosstown  with Ivory Mortar VS. the Mosstown with Buff  on this page are great examples of this.    

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Mosstown with Ivory Mortar stone accent
Mosstown with Ivory Mortar

Mosstown with Buff Mortar

Queen Old Mississippi

Savannah Gray Queen With Buff Mortar
Hampton with stone

Red Brick with Stone Accent